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One-stop platform for all your learning needs

Feeling overwhelmed by too many learning options? At Hyperskill, we simplify your journey by offering a structured learning experience tailored just for you.


Did you know that becoming a developer involves more than just coding?


Master the full stack of
development tools

Beside the language syntax, you need to know libraries, frameworks, databases, and tools.

Lucky for you, Hyperskill offers comprehensive learning process that includes everything you need to become job-ready!


What is the most important to you while learning online?


Everything you need for successful learning

Hyperskill has it all—interactive lessons, great teachers, clear study plans, real-world examples, and plenty of practice. Plus, we create a personalized plan just for you, guiding you every step of the way.


How often do you think programming languages are typically updated?


Only Up-to-Date and Relevant information

A lot can change with the language in a few months!

100+ computer science professionals work daily to bring you up-to-date relevant content aligned with industry trends.


What do you think: based on the studies, which learning approach leads to better real-world success and productivity?


Maximize results with Project-Based Approach on Hyperskill

Studies show that 83% of students in project-based learning environments demonstrate improved problem-solving skills, and 67% show enhanced collaboration skills.

What project would you be most excited to build?


Build real-life working applications

Create a match-3 game, portfolio website, or even a password hacker app–with 100+ exciting projects to choose from, the possibilities are endless!


What do you think: how important is it to learn from experts in the industry?


Learn from the industry experts

Hyperskill courses are created by

the same team behind the Kotlin language  and popular IDEs used by professional developers at top companies like


Did you know that using professional developer tools can significantly increase your chances of getting hired?


Become job-ready with
JetBrains IDE

Remember those tools that software engineers in Microsoft and NASA use to write code? Hyperskill is the only learning platform that incorporates them into your learning process. Solve coding problems in the same environment as industry pros, gaining hands-on experience and preparing for your future career.


Did you know that you can utilize AI to make your studies more effective?


Study with AI like it’s 2024

Hyperskill offers smart AI tools to boost your learning. Get help from our AI assistant, use Chat GPT for coding, receive AI hints, and easily look up theory. It's 2024—why struggle when AI features make learning so much more effective?


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The best place to practice skills that I have found. They are not trying to be hip and clever, just straight up skill development.
Richard M.
Actually an amazing place to be in. Everything is pretty clear and well structured. A lot of stuff to learn, both via theory and practice.
Victor C.
Hyperskill helped me get new knowledge much faster than I would do it, trying to read hundreds of tutorials.
Igor G.

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What you get with Hyperskill

AI-powered personalized study plan
40+ AI-focused courses to choose from
Bite-sized comprehensive lessons
100+ hands-on practical projects


What study plan is about? How do I start?
Everyone can learn programming, and Hyperskill is here to prove it. Your study plan includes all the essential market-relevant skills you need to boost your career. The learning content is easy-to-follow and divided into bite-sized theory lessons with lots of practical tasks. The study plan also includes step-by-step instructions on creating hands-on projects that will help you test the skills you’ve learned.
I’m worried I’ll quit my learning journey halfway.
We totally get it! This is why everything in Hyperskill is very beginner-friendly. It is designed to teach you as much as possible with little to no effort from your side. Hyperskill also has tons of features to help you stay motivated.
Can I learn programming without special technical background?
Of course! Our learning materials are fine-tuned to explain every technical matter in the simplest terms.

People love Hyperskill

The code reviews help you adopt the best coding practices; the integration with IntelliJ is fantastic, and I love the way the lessons are written in a concise way, much better than video, in my opinion. Oh! And the exercises are great!
Javier T.
This app is a game-changer for anyone looking to dive into AI without feeling overwhelmed. It guided me through complex concepts with ease, boosting my productivity at work by leaps and bounds. Now, I have the confidence to tackle projects I never thought possible.
Sven J.
Amazing! I've tried many things to learn how to code and even took some university courses; nothing has been as useful or entertaining as Hyperskill.
Luis A.
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